Bathroom Remodel Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Bathroom Remodel Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Remodeling your bathroom is a super exciting project, but without the proper planning it can quickly turn into something stressful and regrettable. Though of course you need to think about colors and style, paying close attention to the details of your appliances, and the background details like plumbing and storage, all while prioritizing functionality during your planning, will make it so the rest comes easily. 

We have been in the bathroom remodeling business for years, and these are the 7 things that we know must be a priority when planning your bathroom renovations. 

  1. Improper Spacing & Layout
  2. Not Accounting for Storage
  3. Not Paying Attention to Where Water Flows
  4. Forgetting to Futureproof
  5. Inappropriate Materials
  6. Dull Lighting
  7. Poorly Installed Bars

Improper Spacing & Layout

Spacing and layout is crucial to having a functional bathroom. The proper spacing between all of your appliances will allow you to have a smoother and more relaxing time during your daily routine, especially if you are dealing with a small bathroom remodel and/or you are sharing the space with someone else. 

Not Accounting for Storage

It is easy to forget about storage when you are designing your bathroom, but it is a grave mistake. A cluttered bathroom looks messy and can make you feel stressed. Proper storage allows you to keep all of your hygiene products within reach, while not taking up all of the space on your counters, or even on the floor! Storage will be just as crucial to design as the tile installation 

Not Paying Attention to Where Water Flows

Planning proper water drainage and placement of plumbing and fixtures with your bathroom remodeling contractors will completely change your bathroom experience. For example, you need to make sure your shower floor is sloped just enough for the water to drain smoothly, but not so much as to be a hazard. As well, is your shower head placed far enough away from your glass door or curtains for them to not continually be sprayed with water? Carefully planning the flow and drainage of water will save you a lot of trouble later on. 

Forgetting to Futureproof

It is always better to be more prepared for the future, which means incorporating accessibility into your bathroom. Whether it be for a growing family, to have a safer bathroom as you age, or to make your home more attractive to a range of potential buyers when selling, having things like non-slip bathroom floor tiles, safety bars, walk-in showers, and easily reachable fixtures is good planning for the future. 

Inappropriate Materials

Just because you like the look or feel of a certain material, does not mean it is right for your bathroom. The constant flux in temperature and moisture in your bathroom requires specific materials. You can ask your bathroom contractors or designer to help you with material selection during your bathroom remodeling. 

Dull Lighting

There are few things that are worse than poor lighting in a bathroom. Not only does it make it more difficult to get ready in the mornings, it can actually be dangerous if you can’t see well. Additionally, better lighting will help you properly enjoy all the hard work you and the bath remodelers have put into your bathroom renovations. 

Poorly Installed Bars

The towel bars and grab bars you install need to be properly anchored into the wall or they could come away, which is dangerous, and could even wreck your drywall or bathroom wall tiles. Ensure that your contractors are properly anchoring in your bars, and also make sure you strategically place all your towel bars so they are within easy reach.